Here One

Here One is the first truly wireless listening system that does it all. By using two smart Here Buds™ and a connected app, you can stream music, take phone calls and block unwanted noise with Smart Noise Cancellation.

Doppler Labs originally reached out to Synapse to develop the capacitive touch sensor on the earbuds. A nimble team of Synapse Electrical Engineers scoped a two week, in depth design review to de-risk specific aspects of the complex design. The team fabricated several sensor prototypes to validate the proposed solution.

The Doppler Labs team greatly appreciated Synapse’s ability to meet their brisk pace and a trusting partnership was formed. Synapse then became involved in other aspects of the earbud design, working closely and efficiently with the Doppler Labs ME, EE, and FW teams. Everything from the battery charging circuit, startup behavior, wireless link between the buds, RF performance, and layout benefitted from the expertise of both teams. Under tight deadlines, the team delivered mockups of manufacturable technology that fit neatly into a tiny form factor.

Weeks after Synapse’s work was complete, Doppler Labs reached out again. Synapse came up with quick solutions and leveraged Cambridge Consultant’s experience in wireless semiconductor technology and business relationships. Working under an extremely tight deadline, the Cambridge Consultants team provided expertise on how to optimize the existing antenna and surrounding circuit. Upon completion of the phase, Doppler Labs was able to meet their mass production schedule and exceed initial performance targets.