Embedded systems

Embedded systems are the foundation of smart products. Products are becoming increasingly smart—sensing valuable information from the physical world, enabling intuitive user interfaces, and acting at the edge. Synapse has a long track record of designing and realizing custom embedded systems at the heart of smart products, spanning the domains of electronics and firmware to minimize size, cost, and development time while maximizing functionality, connectivity, and security

Custom Embedded Systems and Design

Smart Product Development

From low-power microcontroller units running custom bare-metal firmware or real-time operating systems to application processors running embedded operating systems like Linux and Android, our team has the expertise to unlock edge-smart products through novel use of sensors and input/output devices while optimizing for factors such as cost, size, and development time.

Voice & Gaze Cooktop

Ultra-low power systems

Our multidisciplinary team focuses on system design and use case modeling for optimization of size, power consumption, data acquisition, processing, storage, and transmission. We bring extensive experience in low-power system design, battery technologies, charging, and energy harvesting to make products as seamless and small as possible.

Nike+ FuelBand
Digital Security

Digital security

As smart products become increasingly capable and connected, digital security becomes more important. We have built smart, connected products with provisioning and protocols for secure payments and financial transactions, industrial sensors and equipment hardened to attacks, and medical devices that protect patient data.

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