Sustainable design

Sustainable Product Development and Design Services

Sustainable design is essential for every product.

We all need to make changes to address the ongoing climate crisis, whether that is by reducing our carbon footprint, implementing circular material flows, or shifting toward more sustainable business models. Synapse can help develop new products with all these factors taken into account. By putting sustainability at the core of the product development process we can create the next generation of responsible hardware products.  

Sustainable product development process.

We have created a data-based approach to make informed decisions on the design solution that achieves the environmental footprint objectives of the product.

Integrating sustainability into our product development process means every product benefits from our expertise and process. We use Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) and circularity evaluation tools to quantify environmental impact of a design. These results are then used to focus design iteration efforts and in concept selection processes to optimize the product design.

By implementing our sustainable design process we have saved our clients thousands of tonnes of CO2e emissions.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design offerings.

Synapse understands how hardware can be designed to facilitate business model changes and can not only provide the roadmap for business transformation but also equip a client team to execute it.

Evaluating product & system designs against circular economy criteria, including circular flows of materials.

Assessing the disassembly process of a product to maximize its ability to be repaired, refurbished and maintained.

Calculating the environmental impact of a product over its entire life cycle, highlighting hot spots, and quantifying the carbon footprint.

Workshops to produce innovative product solutions with significantly reduced environmental impact.

Assessing a product against repairability standards and highlighting opportunities for increasing the repairability score of a product.

Identifying the most appropriate manufacturing partners for a product that also meet the sustainability targets.

Workshops to generate a sustainability strategy or frameworks for implementing sustainability strategies.

A review of a product ecosystem over its entire life cycle to identify opportunities for reducing environmental impact, increasing circularity, and moving towards a regenerative business model.

“Synapse Product Development gave us the opportunity to embrace sustainability and was pivotal in getting our initiative off the ground.”

— Drew Carlson, Senior Industrial Designer