Smart sensing and AI

Unleash the power of the edge. We provide value to users by gathering difficult-to-obtain data from the physical world through our world-class custom sensing capabilities. We then turn that data into valuable insights via custom algorithms and AI at the edge and/or in the cloud. To do this, we leverage the most appropriate and efficient tools for the job, all the way up to the latest from the academic frontiers of AI.

Smart Sensing and Edge AI Development

Novel sensors and sensor systems

We develop embedded systems to collect real time data from a wide range of sensors essential for application development in innovative technology such as AR/VR, activity tracking, fluidics, and electromagnetics. Utilizing sensor fusion algorithms, we develop everything from high volume, low cost, and low power wearable devices to highly sophisticated and specialized industrial systems.

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Edge AI & algorithms

Our team designs embedded hardware and machine learning (ML) algorithms to complement one another by balancing tradeoffs between algorithm performance and other embedded design constraints. Our AI and algorithm expertise spans the entire ML development process, beginning with data collection, signal processing, and dataset management and moving on to selecting and training ML algorithms, synthesizing data to augment existing datasets, and deployment of edge AI models onto target embedded hardware.

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