Harness the IoT Revolution to transform your business. We live in a world undergoing a digital revolution—one of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data—creating opportunities for digitization and new service-based business models. We architect, integrate, and deliver connected systems that seamlessly blend hardware and software, including aspects touching every part of the ecosystem such as security, connectivity, and algorithms.

Industrial IoT Consulting, Connectivity and Custom Product Development

World-leading wireless engineering

Our world-class team can tackle even the toughest connected device wireless challenges from bandwidth to latency to security. Synapse specializes in both custom antenna design for connected products as well as RF system architecture, including established and custom protocols, and cellular and satellite communications.

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Connectivity in harsh environments

Communications between devices, access points, payment terminals, and gateways can be challenging in environments that are particularly electromagnetically noisy or radiative. Safely implementing electronics in environments filled with contaminants can be a business risk. Tap into our deep expertise and proven processes to overcome challenging environments and achieve seamless wireless communication in the places your competitors can’t.

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Algorithms and business intelligence

For both enhanced consumer experiences as well as valuable business intelligence, our data scientists and AI experts deliver insights from the raw data connected systems unlock.

By architecting ecosystems at the system level, we can make informed design decisions with respect to tiering algorithms across devices, gateways, and the cloud to optimize cost, latency, and other key factors.

Debug bluetooth connectivity with our BlueSee™ app

Our embedded software engineers developed the first Bluetooth® Low Energy Debugging ToolKit with cross-platform scripting — and it’s open-source.

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