In today’s rapidly evolving industrial & commercial markets; data is power. Decisions based on data are more reliable, more impactful, and can be made faster and cheaper. However, what seems straightforward at a high level turns cloudy as you look into data collection. It’s easy to pull information from software systems, but how about an average industrial manufacturing line? Or, how easy is it to pull data during lettuce harvesting, or while it’s being stored and prepped in a commercial kitchen?  

Simply capturing the data is a significant challenge in harsh environments that are difficult for electronics to tolerate and/or dangerous for employees. These environments could be anything from a sun-baked field fighting the wind, rain, snow, and UV radiation; to a commercial kitchen with high temperatures, grease, smoke, and power washing. 

With smart engineering and the right approach, data can be collected in these harsh environments and provide great value, justifying the cost and effort incurred in collecting it.  

This whitepaper discusses industrial environments ripe for digital transformation and approaches for designing data collection systems under a variety of stresses and conditions. Each environment is supported by examples of real-world solutions for data collection in harsh environments that have resulted in major competitive advantages.

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