Fluidics, Optics, and Thermodynamics

Realize opportunities at the boundary of physical possibility. Our global team of experts applies advanced design and simulation capabilities and utilizes cutting-edge facilities to solve the toughest challenges in thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluidics, and optics. Some of the world’s most advanced systems have come out of Synapse’s labs — real-time microencapsulation, thermal management for DNA PCR, dry-powder drug delivery, world-class coffee machines, custom virtual-reality tracked objects, and more.

Fluidics, Optics, and Thermodynamics

Cutting-edge optical

Our team has been trusted with some of the most difficult missions in optical engineering. From heads-up displays to virtual reality requiring optical systems that pair with complex back-end electronics, Synapse has a track record of solving the toughest optical problems in the business.

System modeling

Using the right tools, you can understand the key performance characteristics of your system long before you actually build it. System modeling helps you understand challenges, risks, and areas on which to concentrate development efforts. Our team has years of experience modeling complex thermal- and fluid-based systems and using those findings to speed up the development cycle.

Thermal analysis and management

Plants trying to grow need heat. Antennas in a box need a controlled heat distribution, and a water chiller needs heat removal. Whether you’re trying to understand it, move it, or measure it, thermal analysis, modeling, and management is a core part of our engineering process. Built into our iteration practice, our assessments can be supported by our flexible teams of experts, available when you need them.


From custom miniature micro-dosing pumps to slurry systems to CFD, Synapse supports a wide range of work in fluidics with expertise and a world-class microfluidics lab. Our work spans food and beverage, personal care, and industrial spaces, ranging in scale from microliters to millions of liters.