Ruggedization and Reliability

Develop products that reliably operate in harsh environments. We engineer products to overcome tough situations — whether in the ocean, around a pet’s neck, inside a power generator, or in extreme temperatures. We have deep expertise and a long track record of engineering for challenges of shock, abrasion, impact, pressure, thermal management, chemical exposure, and ingress.

Ruggedization and Reliability Engineering

Robust engineering

Our engineering team has developed countless products for a broad spectrum of harsh environments. Whether in a recycling dumpster, the bottom of a shoe, or on the dashboard of a hot car, our engineers have experience determining the biggest threats to your product and coming up with a design that will allow it to survive.

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Water ingress engineering

Synapse has specialized in waterproof devices for 20 years. Whether it’s ultrasonically welding housings, designing co-molded TPE seals, sealing button plungers, or designing for outdoor, underwater, and active water scenarios, our expertise is deep, creative, and always evolving.

Custom automated testing

How do you simulate a crowd’s effect on a public installation, the impact of surf on a wrist, or feet hitting the pavement? When commercially available testers aren’t the answer, there’s only one option: build your own robot. Custom testing robots are one of the many tools in our arsenal for putting appropriate cycles on a device in the appropriate way. Our team can guide through testing specification, strategy, validation, and verification. Whether the end application is appliances or AI, testing is always critical.