Amy Morgans

Director of Program Management


Amy has worked at Synapse since 2009, where she has held multiple positions and currently serves as a Director of Program Management.

Having extensive leadership experience in the areas of product development, operations, human resources, finance and customer service, Amy brings with her the ability to guide and motivate diverse teams with a strong focus on client relations.

Throughout her time at Synapse, Amy has played a pivotal role in the development of several processes, and has a true passion for continuous improvement. Her leadership abilities, combined with her strong organizational skills, focus on efficiency, and knack for balancing multiple demands, has helped Amy to ensure project teams consistently deliver results that exceed client expectations.

Amy received her Bachelor of Arts, Sociology and Master of Education degrees from the University of California, San Diego, where she was awarded Provost’s Honors multiple times.

In her free time, Amy enjoys swimming, exploring the walking trails near her home on Bainbridge Island, cooking, and traveling.