Andy Cook

Sr Software Engineering Technical Lead


A Tennessee native, Andy moved to Seattle in 2015 to join the embedded software team at Synapse. Since then, he has worked on a wide variety of projects involving a multitude of technologies, including embedded Linux systems and drivers, real-time operating systems, Bluetooth Low Energy, USB, HF and UHF RFID, motor control loops, and zero-trust manufacturing processes and provisioning.

Prior to joining Synapse, Andy spent nearly ten years in software and hardware engineering roles at product firms, startups, and consultancies in Nashville. The results of this work included development of consumer electronics and accessories, websites, gas-to-electric vehicle conversion components, novel electronic musical instruments, and internet-connected wireless electrical monitoring devices. Andy’s responsibilities in bringing these designs to fruition included firmware development, server- and device-side algorithm design, hardware prototyping, manufacturing test harness development, regulatory compliance support and testing, and more.

Andy’s variety of experience has proven beneficial–and continues to evolve!–at Synapse, where he loves diving into new projects, especially those with an interesting new technology or novel integration to figure out.

Andy has a BE in Computer Engineering from Vanderbilt University. Outside of Synapse, Andy spends time cycling and hiking with his partner Helen and his dog Hank (who often gets to accompany Andy to work), exploring Seattle’s varied food culture, and fitting in media and gaming where possible.