Brian Piquette

Director of Electrical Engineering


Brian joined Synapse in 2002 and has been an integral part of Synapse’s success and growth. In his many years at Synapse, he has served many roles, including Design Engineer, Lead Engineer, Project Manager, Technical Lead, and Electrical Engineering Department Head. 

As Director of Electrical Engineering, Brian manages the ~25 person team of design engineers at Synapse helping the team strive for excellence in both our technical and consultative roles.

As a technical leader and product development expert, Brian developed resource plans and scoped new work with clients. He interprets and anticipates client requirements effectively and guides clients through appropriate development processes. Brian is the founder of the Synapse Bike-Run-Bike. 

Brian has nearly 30 years of experience in Electrical Engineering. He received his BSEE, Summa Cum Laude from Washington State University, with a focus on microprocessor system designs. 

Brian began his career at Boeing where he spent five years working on passenger entertainment systems including the Cabin Interphone and Public Address systems for the 777 aircraft and on a Phased Array antenna system. Following his time at Boeing, Brian spent two years at Intel working on developing implementation guidelines and signal integrity simulations to address integrity issues for high speed busses.  After Intel, Brian spent 2+ years with Seattle area start-up Wavtrace (purchased by Harris) serving as technical lead in the design of the hub unit in the Wavtrace LMDS point-to-multipoint Wireless Broadband Access system.