Chris Dreher

Senior Software Engineer


Chris loves being a computer programmer. His early memories include computing probabilities for the board game Risk on an Apple IIc as well as generating fractals on his HP-48SX programmable calculator.

He is currently a Senior Software Engineer with development experience on Arduino, iPhone, Windows, Android, and other platforms. Chris has a long history of working with various computer languages, buses, devices, and numerous other protocols. His strengths are C and C++, multi-threaded code, and implementing protocols like Classic Bluetooth, TCP/IP, and HTTP.  Prior to joining Synapse, Chris spent time at Microsoft where he was the  chairman of the Bluetooth SIG’s Human Interface Devices Working Group.

In his free time, he collects and reverse-engineers for an early 1980s retro gaming console called the Intellivision by Mattel Electronics, the HP48SX/GX calculator, and mid-1990s wavetable/WaveBlaster cards. He also enjoys going to Goth clubs and concerts, reading sci-fi/supernatural/romance books, reading technical datasheets, and posting videos on his YouTube channel (“Lathe26”).

Specialties: C++, C, multi-threading, Bluetooth, HID, TCP/IP, HTTP, USB, Python, NFC, WebSocket, SQLite (SQL), DataStax C/C++, iPhone, Arduino, Android, various assembly languages (CP1600, 6502, ARM6, others).