Christopher Lue Sang

Electrical Engineer

San Francisco

Christopher loves people-focused projects, distributed sensing systems and wearable devices. He holds an M.S. in electrical engineering from Arizona State University where he spent his graduate course work developing point-of-care medical diagnostic systems and wildlife conservation technology. It was during this time that his passion for working on high impact solutions matured into a process of thorough problem solving and customer discovery.

Before joining Synapse, Christopher worked as web developer helping small businesses integrate effective and cost-conscious solutions for their digital needs. This work led to him contracting for university research groups to develop prototypes for their research trials. During this time, Christopher worked on: light-based bycatch reduction devices, low-cost HPV diagnostics, machine vision systems for aquatic environments and wildlife sensor networks.

During his free time, you’ll find Christopher 3D printing, traveling and collaborating on interactive art installations.