Colin Isler

Electrical Engineering Program Lead


Colin is driven by the potential for human impact in technology and product development. His excitement for engineering stems from the process of creative problem solving that supports building real solutions for real people. As an Electrical Engineering Program Lead he has the opportunity to work beside client teams and Synapse engineers to navigate system-level development challenges and guide the implementation of electrical designs. In his time at Synapse, Colin has helped some of our most ambitious clients push the boundaries of high-speed digital systems and circuit board design capabilities.

Before joining Synapse in 2018, Colin worked in the professional audio electronics industry at Rane Corporation and InMusic Brands, Inc. where he played an active role in every step of the development process. Over 13 years in the audio industry, Colin worked in manufacturing, software development, software testing, electrical engineering, and systems architecture. In 2017, Colin led the electrical and firmware development of the Rane Seventy-Two professional DJ turntablist mixer, and is one of the inventors of the mixer’s patented magnetic crossfader. Colin also contributed to the designs of several networked audio distribution systems, high-efficiency switching power supplies, and touchscreen remote controls.

Colin holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan. Go Blue! He has been a member of the Audio Engineering Society since 2005 and has served on the planning committee of the local section of the AES. When he isn’t at work, Colin can be found on the hiking trail with his family, in a kayak on Puget Sound, or in his home recording studio.