Dane Weitmann

Principal Mechanical Engineer


Dane was born in Los Angeles, California, but moved with his family to greener grasses as a young child. He grew up in the greater Seattle Area, and received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington. During college he honed his manufacturing skills, exemplified by his creation of a canoe made from novel foamed plastic.

Since joining Synapse in 2009, Dane has worked on a wide variety of projects including a smart security camera, an industrial test machine, and multiple fitness electronics products. He is known as a ninja in Solidworks modeling, injection molding, and quick turn prototyping – including in-house cast urethanes. He also is experienced building specializations in mechanisms.  Dane is a deep believer in the wise words of Einstein: “any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.”

In his spare time, Dane manages, and is captain of, the Synapse soccer team. He also enjoys playing outdoors with his dog Duke.

Dane's on the cutting Edge. Check out his posts.