Daniel Galindo-Navarro

Electrical Engineer


Daniel is an electrical engineer and product consultant who is passionate about solving technical challenges, especially those involving hardware and sensor design. Daniel joined Synapse in 2019 after graduating with a BS in Electrical Engineering from Harvard and learning the ropes of electronics design working in the consumer medical device industry.

At Synapse, he has worked on engineering projects including fitness data loggers, integrating smart sensors into fitness platforms, and adding haptics into small battery-operated devices. He loves being challenged in his role and learning about new types of sensing and user interface technologies. He also enjoys helping clients understand the value propositions and various design tradeoffs for products. Collaborating with other talented engineers and strategy-minded people to solve hard problems is Daniel’s favorite part about working at Synapse.

Outside of engineering, Daniel enjoys challenging himself and building team skills through backcountry skiing and mountaineering, as well as enabling others to share his love of outdoor sports. When he’s not in the mountains, Daniel likes to decompress by spending time with family and friends, and catching up on film and TV recommendations.

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