Greg Strange

Principal Software Engineer


Greg has been developing software for longer than he can remember. He can remember programming mid-sized telephone switches written entirely in Z80 assembly language. He soon moved on to Pascal, and then a new language called C and later C++. He has good memories of writing Java and C# code, but has tried hard to forget Lisp and Visual Basic. Greg has worn most of the hats one could wear in software development including requirements gathering, architecture, design, coding, unit testing, system testing, project management, and people management. Greg likes the variety, but gets cranky if he goes too long without writing some code. Greg has not been very cranky since joining Synapse and finds the variety of projects, fast paced work, and great people makes Synapse his best job ever.

Prior to joining Synapse, Greg served as Software Group Manager at Plexus Seattle Design Center (formally SeaMED), Principal Software Engineer at Telcom Technologies and ran his own software consulting business working for clients like Microsoft, Quadtek, Pacer/Cats, and US Travel. Past projects included the first fully implantable heart pump, the first portable intra-aortic heart assist pump, and medium to large telephone switches. Greg specializes in embedded systems, medical devices, Windows, Linux, networking and communications; software project management; and software best practices.

Greg received his B.S. degree in Computer Science (1982) from California Polytechnic University Pomona.