Hattie Spetla

Sr Electrical Engineering Technical Lead


Hattie is an Electrical Engineering Technical Lead and has been at Synapse since 2015. She loves the variety of problem solving she gets to do at Synapse– everything from helping find the right solution in early product definition to guiding designs through regulatory testing. 

She has a soft spot for Bluetooth hardware. A good example is the 2nd generation Ava bracelet. As lead Electrical Engineer working closely with the layout, mechanical and RF engineering teams, she was able to fit all first generation functionality AND haptic feedback in a 30% smaller housing without increasing cost or reducing battery life. 

Previously she worked as a R&D engineer on hydrogeologic tools, as a semiconductor applications engineer and also had a very short stint in arcade machine repair. She earned her BSECE and MSECE from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA.