Heather Brundage

Sr. Director of Strategy & Innovation

San Francisco

Heather Brundage is the Sr. Director of Strategy & Innovation at Synapse and serves on CompTIA’s IoT Advisory Council. She helps clients and partners capitalize on the value of connected devices and understand the impact of connectivity on their business.

Heather has been helping companies bring their hardware products to market for over a decade through consulting, speaking, mentoring, running factory tours, founding companies (including being part of YC W13), working for IoT hardware companies (such as Particle), and working for companies fostering the hardware community (such as Maker Media).

She uses her expertise in business strategy, hardware development, product management, operations, and business development; as well as her breadth of experience in various industries including defense, oil and gas, consumer electronics, industrial robotics, mobile app development, and IoT to deliver value for her clients.

Heather holds a BS in Ocean Engineering and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has a patent for a full mouth toothbrush, and builds cocktail robots for fun.

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