Joern Henneberg

Sr Electrical Engineering Technical Lead


Joern is one of our Senior Electrical Engineering Tech Leads, and in that capacity has led and worked on projects spanning the entire gamut: from low-power, small form factor, overmolded wearable devices, to high-performance distributed 10+ Gbps real-time data acquisition and processing systems. 

Joern joined Synapse in early 2016. Before then, he has been working for hardware companies in the professional audio industry for ten years, releasing a number of consumer and prosumer embedded hardware products. He has gathered a broad range of experience in hardware architecture, digital and analog hardware design, design for EMI and ESD, digital signal processing, FPGA design and verification, firmware design, as well as mass production in Asia. He had the opportunity to contribute to IEEE standards IEEE 1722-2011 and IEEE 1722.1-2013, and holds a patent on fader processing in audio systems. 

Joern received his MSEE and BSEE from the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg in Hamburg, Germany, majoring in Telecommunications. For his master’s thesis, he developed a cubic-spline video scaling algorithm implemented on an Altera Cyclone FPGA during a time when embedded graphics processing was only available to Tier 1 product development companies.

Outside of work, Joern is working on increasing his golfing skills, and enjoys experimenting in the kitchen—as long as somebody else is in charge of cleaning up afterwards.