Jonathon Ross

Software Program Lead


Jonathon Ross is a Software Engineering Technical Lead at Synapse and has been with the company since 2014. As a technical lead, it is Jonathon’s responsibility to work with cross-disciplinary teams to formulate an initial design that will facilitate the completion of the project goals. After the initial design and architecture phases, his responsibilities transition towards a more leadership role. During the design and execution of a project, he focuses on facilitating the collaboration between the client and development team. This is done by formulating a game plan with the team and laying out the road to success with clear goals and milestones for team members to achieve. Jonathon has passion for machine learning, virtual reality, and ensuring that the morale of his team is high.

Jonathon has worked as a Software Engineer for over ten years, but has also served 12 years in the Air Force Reserves achieving the rank of Master Sergeant (E-7). He loves to teach and enjoys travelling the world, having visited 23 countries outside of the United States. He has worked as both a SCUBA diving instructor and a ski instructor. Always seeking adventure, he enjoys riding motorcycles and skydiving, among many other hobbies. He earned his private pilot’s license and enjoys the freedom and excitement of taking to the skies. On the tamer side of things, his passions include creative writing and woodworking.

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