Larry Kulesa

Director of Mechanical Engineering


Larry has over 30 years of experience developing innovative products. With a strong foundation in Mechanical Engineering and system level development, he is able to lead dynamic multi-functional technical teams. He has worked for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. As director, he is responsible for leading the development and adoption of standards and best practices for the department. His strengths include building and maintaining engineering capability road maps, facilitating the growth of engineering capabilities within the department, and guiding the improvement of product development process to drive consistency of approach and quality of outputs. Additionally, he organizes and supports technology exploration initiatives and develops key technologies as deployable elements to the business units.

Larry has been building strong client relationships and developing high tech products at Synapse since 2010. Multiple high production volume products have benefited from his strong engineering and technical capabilities. During the development of these products he has provided production ramp support in China and Korea.

Larry spent his early career designing high speed printers for industrial use and energy based systems for industrial and medical applications for which he holds two patents. These energy based systems involved state of the art laser, radio frequency, and ultrasonic technologies. He applies his broad understanding of materials and manufacturing processes to the early identification of critical product features. Larry received his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington.