Leslie Collinson

Senior Program Manager


Leslie joined Synapse in 2019 as a Program Manager. With exposure to a wide variety of engineering disciplines and a background in leadership, Leslie takes pride in bringing clients and teams together to deliver high-impact results. She is passionate about applying systems engineering to product development, merging process and structure with the creativity that thrives at Synapse.

Previously, she joined the founding team at a VC-funded startup company as the first employee and spent over a decade leading efforts to scale the electrochemistry-based nanostructured material process from R&D to production to a globally licensed product. Prior to this, she worked for a contract-funded startup specializing in functional polymer composites for radionuclide decontamination. Early career work included NASA, the federal government, and a family-run civil engineering firm. 

Leslie holds an MS in Systems & Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington and a BSE, Magna Cum Laude, in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering with a Certificate in Robotics from Princeton University.

Outside of work, Leslie volunteers as an art docent and a STEM workshop instructor, enjoys gardening, and running, and loves to spend time with her family.

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