Mike Schaaf

Principal RF Engineer


Mike comes from the almond capital of the world, Modesto, CA. He received his BS from UC Davis, then began his career with six years of enjoying free travel and notorious adventures while operating the most complex nuclear facility in the world onboard the USS Enterprise, followed by three years developing high reliability embedded systems, AC power systems, and control systems.
Since then, Mike has developed expertise ranging from ASIC development, verification and mixed signal design, to MEMs and laser control systems, as well as development of embedded process boards for the industrial and medical markets. Throughout his career, Mike has been listed on four patents.
Mike joined Synapse in 2011 and has subsequently worked on a variety of fitness electronics products designing the antennas for these wearable systems. He has become an expert on the propagation of RF around the human body and has devised many unique methods to test these systems. He continues to apply his expertise in wireless communications, ASIC/FPGA design, and low power electronics.
In his spare time, Mike indulges his musical side with his sax and is learning piano. A recent convert to 3D printing, he is learning the ins and outs of printing bearing surfaces in plastics, as he designs and prints an outdoor antenna measurement system. Ask him about it!