Peter Yoo

User & Desktop Support Analyst

San Francisco

Peter has over 20 years of experience supporting computers in a networked environment. His adventures started back in the days of Windows 3.11 all the way through Windows 10 and Mac OS along the way.

Peter has worked at large financial institutions such as Fidelity Investments, to the Berkeley Public Library, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Jamba Juice and most recently Pandora Internet Music before finding himself happy fixing all kinds of things at Synapse. Having worked as Executive Support for the past 6 years, Peter has gained valuable insight into the needs of end users. From CEOs with calendaring issues, to tutoring the homeless on how to use Microsoft Word, He loves helping people and loves finding solutions to problems. So when he can help people find solutions, he’s one happy IT guy.

Although he’s a huge computer geek, at heart Peter is a people person and received his BA in Anthropology from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Outside of work, Peter is a huge fan of comic books, namely, Batman. He loves the Chicago Bears and Cubs (he married into a fanatical Chicago sport family) and enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. Both of his children are named after comic book characters!