Ricky Huff

Mechanical Engineer Program Lead


Ricky is a Mechanical Engineering Tech Lead with a passion for bringing products to life. After spending over a decade designing and building new products, Ricky has found that he is happiest working on the fringe where design and manufacturing meet.  He approaches each new design with humility and an eagerness to learn and apply lessons from the shop floor to optimize the design, minimizing cost and complexity while maximizing manufacturing efficiency.  He is experienced in designing and molding everything from mass produced, complex, plastic parts and assemblies to one-off carbon fiber composite aircraft structures.

Prior to joining Synapse, Ricky worked for a decade in aerospace in the Advanced Product Development branch of General Atomics-Aeronautical.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State Polytechnic University.

When he is not at work, Ricky is busy raising his young family, coaching youth sports and working in his garage on his CNC machine.