Synapse and Amazon collaborate to improve user experiences and unlock new capabilities through voice

Seattle, Washington: Synapse Product Development, a Cambridge Consultants company which is part of Capgemini, today announced a new collaboration with Amazon as an Alexa Voice Services (AVS) Consulting and Professional Services (CPS) provider. Synapse joins a select group of companies that have undergone detailed qualification of their ability to provide a full spectrum of services around Alexa built-in devices, including ideation, design, prototyping, market testing, product launch, and post-launch services. 

Synapse provides technology consulting and engineering design services for customers looking to build game-changing technologies and innovative new products. As an AVS CPS provider, the company is developing entirely new voice and gesture interfaces using Alexa.

“We develop products with novel interfaces across the range of human senses. We have been working with Alexa technologies for several years and are increasingly excited about the touchless interactions AVS enables for our clients,” said Jeff Hebert, President of Synapse. “We are thrilled to enable user experiences and product categories through the combination of Amazon’s voice technology with our capabilities in novel sensing, acoustics, edge AI, power optimization and product realization.”

“Synapse are an ideal Alexa Voice Service Consulting provider because of their breadth of services and breakthrough innovation to transform their clients’ business and customer experience in digital and product design,” said Adam Berns, Head of Amazon Alexa Business Development. “We look forward to seeing Synapse apply their expertise towards developing innovative voice-forward solutions that support global device makers, brands and enterprises throughout their digital transformation journey.”

Synapse has worked with Amazon to understand engineering best practices in a number of areas, including acoustics, signal processing, wake word detection, and user experience (UX), to help build products with the best possible Alexa-enabled experience for customers. With 20 years of consumer product development experience, Synapse can now work directly with clients to conceive their voice vision and help them achieve critical project requirements and goals by accelerating their time to market and reducing the overall cost of development.

Learn more about Alexa Voice Service at Synapse, or call Dylan Garrett at 415-326-3824.