Over the last six years, we’ve made an effort to build diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)into the fabric of our organization. From the beginning, we’ve taken an iterative approach, revisiting our initiatives, processes, and policies to make improvements over time, multiple times. Now that we’ve made significant progress, I want to share insights that I hope will help you make positive change at your own organization.

I recently sat down with Mitch Shepard, CEO and Founder of HUMiN Inclusion Partners to discuss Synapse’s DEI evolution, how HUMiN supported us, and what we’ve accomplished since working together. We answered questions from the audience and Mitch provided recommendations based on her work helping companies build DEI into their DNA.

Additionally in the slidshare below, I’ll give an overview of our history to highlight the lessons we’ve learned and the factors that have contributed to our success. I’ll share the data we gathered to measure impact, our focus areas, and detailed lists of the actions we took. The slides also include links to the vetted resources, vendors, and diversity consultants we recommend. 

The path to diversity, equity, and inclusion will be unique at each company. I hope these materials are useful to you and I wish you the best on your journey!

— Margot Knight, Senior Employee Engagement & Communications Manager