Teeth-rattling rides. Geofencing frustrations. Sidewalk clutter. Emerging micromobility solutions have huge potential to help ease congestion and prevent climate catastrophe, but they won’t get far unless we can overcome some of the frustration points for riders.

New designs and technologies, including AI, sensors, sidewalk detection, and gamification, could fundamentally reshape user behavior, improve safety, streamline maintenance and pave the way for automated vehicles.

Watch the lively discussion about the big breakthroughs that are coming in tech and design, and how they could transform micromobility as we know it, featuring:

Alex Sutton, Head of Technology, Synapse
David Hyman, CEO, Unagi Scooters
Kelly Custer, Founder and Design Director, Knack Design Studio
Eugene Kwak, Head of Bike and Scooter Hardware, Lyft