Anova sous vide cooker

A precise, intuitive, and low-cost sous vide cooker for quick and easy restaurant-quality meals at home.

The cooking technique of sous vide involves vacuum-sealing food in a bag, then cooking to a precise temperature in a water bath. Sous vide provides more control over heat and temperature, resulting in better consistency, taste, and waste reduction. For those reasons, it’s been a secret in professional kitchens for decades — that is until 2013 when the team at Anova decided it was time for home chefs to be able to achieve the same restaurant-quality results.

Anova introduced the first Precision® Cooker the following year, in 2014, and went back to the drawing board shortly after to improve the next product in the Precision® line. Facing a fast-approaching release deadline for the upcoming Precision® Cooker Nano, Anova collaborated with Synapse to troubleshoot issues and address firmware challenges, with the Synapse team ultimately signing on to write the firmware from the ground up.

Professionally secured consumer IoT

Synapse brought multidisciplinary IoT development expertise to ensure the Precision® Cooker Nano—and eventually other products in the Precision® product line—are an uncompromising duet of design and features that enable elegance every day. 


Synapse developed the Mobile SDK for iOS and Android, including Bluetooth library and fully fledged communication protocol. WiFi communication was later added to the Precision® Cooker Pro. 


We upgraded security to industry standards, including Transport Layer Security (TLS) for communications and cryptographically signed images for over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates.


Safer cooking and decreased waiting time have been enabled through a highly accurate thermal control system and extensive reliability testing. 

  • Reduced OTA time by a factor of 5x over that of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chip vendor’s OTA mechanism
  • Leveraged proprietary internal Synapse IP, an iOS and Android BLE framework known as Neuron, to accelerate the schedule and provide debug capabilities for manufacturing and testing
  • Reimplemented and manually tuned thermal control loop for faster convergence to reduce warm-up time, including mechanical changes to improve system bandwidth.


Synapse helped reduce unit cost by minimizing memory requirements through efficient software architecture.

With over 100+ million products sold, Anova is helping home chefs worldwide make restaurant-quality food at a fraction of the cost and effort.