Synesso Professional Espresso Machines

Giving professional baristas more functionality and control with the Synesso Hydra and Hybrid espresso machines.

Synapsters love coffee. A lot. So when Synesso approached Synapse to add functionality to and modernize the screens of their Hydra and Hybrid professional espresso machines, we were more than happy to hop on board. We assembled a small team of electrical and firmware engineers, led by a program manager, to develop firmware to unlock easy transitions from manual mode (think: expert barista) to volumetric mode (think: automatic). Our team worked to organize and update firmware in a scalable manner, making sure future upgrades can be implemented by anyone.


In addition to the firmware updates, our electrical engineers designed an updated electrical system, including a new LED screen. The result is a machine that baristas can program to match a custom coffee profile to run the entire day, or longer, ensuring a quality shot of espresso is pulled each time. Collaborating with Synesso, we worked out a trade for a Synapse-branded machine, a beneficial trade for both companies! You can check out our slick Synesso machine in our Seattle HQ.