Chris Blower

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Technical Lead

San Francisco

Since joining Synapse in 2022, Chris has worked on an array of complex programs and contributed with his extensive background knowledge in simulation modeling and analysis to support the development of cutting edge technologies.

Chris earned his BEng and MEng in Aerospace and Astronautic Engineering at Kingston University in the UK. He continued his academic career at The George Washington University, Washington DC, studying Mechanical Engineering, where he specialized in bio-inspired flight for turbulence alleviation on aircraft. Chris’ core focus was aerodynamics, control systems, and system optimization. He taught classes in Fluid Mechanics, Vibration Theory and Controls as a Teaching Assistant for 4 years. Chris left the PhD program ABD, to pursue an opportunity to develop an autonomous swarming drone as an anti-collision system for air traffic control.

Chris has since worked as an engineering consultant for 10 years helping clients across the US, and the world, develop new and innovative products. He has engaged in projects in automotive, aerospace, astronautics, bio-medical, consumer electronics, climate and agriculture tech. His ability to dynamically adapt to the challenge at hand and find a solution that may exist in a different sector has helped him complete an array of successful programs during his career.

Expertise: Aerodynamics, CFD, FEA, Simulation and Analysis, Electro-mechanical systems, Robotics, Injection Molding, Fluid Mechanics and Vibration Theory.

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