Sam DeRose

Mechanical Engineer

San Francisco

Sam is a lifelong hands-on mechanical engineer. Since joining Synapse in 2022 he has worked with a range of companies from early phase startups to Fortune 500s. Sam has a demonstrated flexibility in the type of work he can deliver, but feels most at home when working on fast-paced projects that require quick turn design and prototyping cycles.

Sam received his BS in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College in 2016. While at HMC, he worked with several companies in the aerospace and medical fields. After college, Sam joined an early phase ocean robotics startup where he designed and built systems that had to survive in many different hostile ocean environments and sea states. Before joining Synapse, Sam spent several years working with a sports technology company helping them innovate a player tracking system to be used during live broadcasts.

Sam is a California native, and enjoys making the most of the outdoor landscape through cycling, trail running, climbing, and backpacking. He also enjoys collecting hobbies, some of them include woodworking, sewing, and electronic music production.

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