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Propeller Health


Formally known as Asthmapolis, Propeller Health is dedicated to improving the management of asthma for patients and healthcare professionals.  Despite advances in our understanding of the disease and the development of more effective medications, morbidity and mortality from asthma have not declined. Our understanding of asthma has been limited by a lack of timely data, and our inability to collect information about where and when people develop symptoms.  Propeller Health is using medication sensors, mobile applications, advanced analytics and feedback to help physicians identify those patients who need more help controlling the disease before they suffer a severe and costly exacerbation. { 9/30/2013}

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Smart Inhalers Now Monitoring Asthmatics in Louisville

Client News - May. 13, 2015

Propeller Health is teaming up with AIR Louisville, an initiative to gather and track data of inhaler use and environmental factors to better understand the correlation between air quality and asthma severity. 

Asthmapolis renames as Propeller Health

Client News - Sep. 18, 2013

Synapse partner, Asthmapolis, relaunches at Propeller Health. 

Bluetooth: In Honor of World Asthma Day…Asthmapolis

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Companies use Bluetooth® technology for a ton of different applications and devices. Products are often fun or handy, but occasionally a Bluetooth product comes along with the potential to change people’s lives.

Venture Beat: Asthmapolis inhales $5M to tackle a 50M person, $50B problem

Client News - Apr. 9, 2013

50 million people live with chronic respiratory disease in the U.S. and it is a $50 billion problem. Asthmapolis has raised $5 million from the Social+Capital Partnership to address both.