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Nike+ FuelBand

Project Overview

Nike approached Synapse with the exciting mission to make the Livestrong band smart--an extraordinarily low power wearable device to monitor and motivate users during daily usage.

Synapse collaborated with Nike and their partners to develop electromechanical architecture options for the Nike+ FuelBand, which were investigated via non-form factor test vehicles in parallel with the development of the form-factor assembly. Using this non-form factor approach, the team encountered key design challenges before committing to a final product architecture and working through detailed design for mass production. Synapse also developed the device firmware as well as the mobile framework that allows the Nike+ Fuelband to talk to iPhones.

Throughout the development of the Nike+ FuelBand, Synapse exhaustively tested and qualified parts that had never before seen production, notably a novel curved lithium polymer battery. Synapse remained involved in the project after product launch to help Nike continuously enhance the performance of the device and overall user experience.

Key Challenges

  • Experience testing and validation
  • Data compression for transmission over Bluetooth Classic
  • Low power architecture development to enable long battery life
  • Critical custom component identification and validation
  • Curved battery development to enable form-factor with sufficient battery capacity
  • Design for reliability and manufacture across multiple sizes
  • RF design, test, and certification