Companies use Bluetooth® technology for a ton of different applications and devices. Products are often fun or handy, but occasionally a Bluetooth product comes along with the potential to change people’s lives. Today, in honor of World Asthma Day, I want to tell you about Asthmapolis. Asthampolis promises to improve the quality of life for asthma patients by providing better patient and doctor disease management while reducing costs.

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease. According to the World Health Organization, more than 300 million people from all around the world currently suffer from this affliction. You probably know a person with asthma, and by extension, the typical inhaler used to treat it. To be effective, inhalers need to be used frequently and in a timely way to avoid asthma attacks or worse. It is at this inhaler level Asthmapolis focuses its attention to make asthma patients live easier by using Bluetooth technology.

It works by taking a traditional inhaler and attaching a Bluetooth Smart enabled sensor. The sensor monitors patient symptoms and medication usage—including the time and place you used your inhaler—and automatically transfers the information to the Asthmapolis application on the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth Smart technology. This app provides patients, family members and even physicians with personalized feedback to help the entire team better understand and manage the patient’s condition.

Asthmapolis does not heal asthma, but helps patients take their mind off it. If managed correctly, asthma should not keep patients from an active and healthy life. In the past, managing medication intake could be time consuming but now this can done automatically and accurately by using a small sensor.

It’s amazing to see Bluetooth technology being use to improve people’s lives and it’s no surprise several of the Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards finalists focused in the medical industry. The Asthmapolis inhaler is just one more example of how Bluetooth technology changes lives in unexpected ways.