UPDATE 4/22/2021

The ebook has been updated for Spring 2021 and can now be found here: https://synapse.com/edge_post/download-do-better-sustainable-product-design-ebook-spring-2021/

On this blog post, we are currently only able to list two authors due to formatting limitations. As such, we wanted to specifically state that this ebook was an enormous collaborative effort. Additional authors include Teja Chatty and Martine Stillman, who are properly credited in the work.

Sustainability in product development is no longer an option, it’s becoming a business essential. At Synapse, we know that the more closely sustainability is integrated into the design process, the bigger the impact. With that goal in mind, we’ve assembled a sustainable design process that closes the loop between environmental impact analysis and the product development process, ensuring innovative opportunities are explored, data driven decisions are made, and best practices are implemented. In short, converting good intentions into positive environmental results.

As a product development consulting company, we are in a unique position to drive sustainable design across industries—and we don’t intend to stop there. Instead, we are sharing our work to help others design more sustainable products and systems. Collaboration is key to all of us learning and moving forward on our respective sustainability journeys.

This ebook abstracts our sustainable design process into easy-to-use tools, which can be applied to any hardware product development. The first section of the ebook explains the sustainable design approach, and some of the methods to use in sustainable innovation. The Apply section provides more detailed and specific strategies to use later in the product development process. We expect this section to be used as a reference guide and interactive tool.

This is by no means the final word in sustainable design, and we invite feedback and discussion over the methods presented here. Reach out to sustainability@synapse.com if you would like to discuss the challenges of incorporating these principles into product development, or if you have suggestions for improving this process. As this field evolves, we will all learn together, in pursuit of a more sustainable future.

The ebook has been updated for spring 2021 and can now be found here: https://blog.synapse.com/post/download-do-better-sustainable-product-design-ebook-spring-2021

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