Last August we announced that Synapse was acquired by Cambridge Consultants, driven by a vision to create one of the world’s most capable and innovative product development companies.

In order to give clients access to our joint brain trust, we’ve created a matrix of domain experts that share best practices and ideas to solve the hardest problems. While Synapse specializes in engineering complex product ecosystems for leading brands, Cambridge has deep technical expertise in areas such as sensors, optics, fluidics, and algorithms. Bringing the two companies together has accelerated the transfer of technology across a broader range of market verticals, enabling the development of highly differentiated products.

In order to give clients access to our joint brain trust, we’ve created a matrix of domain experts that share best practices and ideas to solve the hardest problems. 

VR Gaming Meets Industrial

A long-time Cambridge Consultants customer has a line of complex industrial products with steep learning curves for the operators. Synapse engineers applied their object tracking expertise from the gaming sector to create a virtual reality (VR) simulator that trains operators.  Synapse’s history of working in VR, including supporting Valve since 2014 as a R&D and training partner, allowed us to quickly adapt the SteamVR tracking platform to meet the client’s needs. The client was able to bring an immersive user experience and differentiated sales approach to an industrial sector not familiar with the possibilities of VR.

So far, Synapse has trained more than 150 companies in this technology and continue to help clients working to develop VR solutions and object tracking in a broad range of applications.

Connected Sensors in Agriculture

Smart connected nitrogen soil sampling system

Synapse is applying experiences learned from developing connected health and consumer devices to help clients solve agricultural problems. For example, better soil sampling could enable more informed applications of fertilizer, decreasing nitrogen waste and yielding major economic and environmental benefits. 

Building on Cambridge Consultants’ work in soil sensing (ab), the team at Synapse and Cambridge developed concept solutions for a smart connected nitrogen soil sampling system. The system collects, geo-stamps, and analyzes samples in real-time, to improve sampling speed, resolution, and commercial viability over existing products. By building an economic model, the team illustrated potential cost savings of up to $2.5 billion annually by optimizing nitrogen inputs of the US corn farming sector. 

Nitrogen soil sampling

Customer-centric strategies that drive market leading consumer products have defined Synapse as a design consultancy leader in high-touch, high-value consumer products. By working together with Cambridge Consultants, we have broadened our domain expertise into industrial and agricultural sectors, helping our clients accelerate innovation and time to market.  

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