While the Hawks didn’t quite make it to the big game this year, Seattle will still have a presence at Levi’s Stadium with the Kezar + Foreman stadium ingress technology Synapse developed for the 49ers and their new home in Santa Clara.

Our client sought to get fans off the couch and back into the stadium, but in order to do so, needed to address the pain points associated with going to a game. One of the largest being the ingress expereince. Synapse developed the Kezar device to be battery powered, wireless, and mobile, so it can be moved anywhere to help the flow of fans. The backend, Foreman, puts data into the hands of the stadium and the 49ers organization so they can offer better experiences to their fans.

So what can fans expect on Super Bowl Sunday? Less waiting around and better 1:1 customer experience!

PS these things are resilient enough to take a tackle if you happen to be on the losing side Sunday (we don’t recommend testing it for your own safety).

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