In March thousands descend upon Austin, TX to revel in the glory that is all things future thinking in music, movies, food, and especially technology. SXSW is the conference to end all conferences, and one of our personal favorites. So we’re asking YOU to help put us on stage at SXSW in 2016. We have two proposed sessions up for vote. Read more about each below and follow the link to give us your “thumbs up” vote. (Note: you will need to create an account to vote if you don’t already have one…it’s simple and easy!). 


Meet the Connected Venue Inventors

Redwood Stephens, Synapse Product Development

Scott Watson, Disney

John Paul, VenueNext

Evie Nagy, FastCompany

We’ll be on stage with Disney, VenueNext, and Fast Company to talk all things connected venue, from the new 49ers stadium to the Walt Disney World MyMagic+ ecosystem. Connected venues are coming and we’re here to give you a peek behind the scenes of what it takes, what it will look like, where you’ll find it, and what it means for brands and consumers. Check out the full description and VOTE HERE.


The Future of Connected Health

Jeff Hebert, Synapse Product Development

Ethan Fassett, BASIS, an Intel Company

Connected health has been top of mind for the past few years, but how do we transition from counting steps to qualifying wellness? We’ll be talking more about what connected health and wellness will look like in the next 3, 5, 10 years with BASIS, an Intel Company. Read more about the session and VOTE HERE.