Reimagining human performance

A non-invasive wearable device that monitors nitric oxide levels to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts optimize their performance.

Game-changing fitness device

NNOXX’s vision is to empower people with innovative solutions for achieving their optimal health and fitness goals. They are setting a new standard of fitness measurement with a product to help athletes achieve higher performance. NNOXX enlisted the help of Synapse, part of Capgemini Invent, to design and develop the world’s first non-invasive and wearable device to monitor nitric oxide levels.

“Research has shown that nitric oxide is a key indicator in the overall health and fitness of an individual and is a much more informative biomarker to monitor than heart rate or VO2”, said Evan Peikon, Co-Founder and Chief Physiologist at NNOXX.

Historically, measuring someone’s nitric oxide levels requires an invasive blood draw. Through patented optics and biosensors, the NNOXX One device allows the user to quickly determine their Nitric Oxide (NO) level when it is worn around any muscle group such as their quadriceps, or biceps. A personalized AI coach via a mobile app can give users instructions in real time on how to increase or optimize their NO levels.


Engineering the right fit and design

NNOXX was eager to bring their new product to market, but they were still in the early stages of development. Their initial design was not yet optimized as a wearable device, nor was it suited for high volume manufacturing. They needed engineering experts specialized in building wearables and soft goods to take over the design development, make necessary improvements to critical components, and then utilize the manufacturable design to produce the first 10,000 units by their target date. NNOXX also needed prototypes to be built right away so they could be showcased to potential customers.


Optimizing and scaling the prototype

After performing a full knowledge transfer from the previous partner firm and evaluating NNOXX’s challenges, Synapse took an agile development approach to meet aggressive, market-driven deadlines.

Our team executed multiple workstreams simultaneously to develop a design that’s optimized for wearability without impeding performance. Achieving this required redesigning the optical sensing system and data transmission electronics while also redesigning the mechanical housing to meet form-factor, durability, and sweat resistance requirements. This included the development of a waterproof button that seals against moisture since the device is not waterproof.

Accompanying the device is a universal band that users can wear for all types of workouts. We collaborated with Terrazign, an external partner, to develop a band that is comfortable and sturdy so it can accommodate a range of body movements and hold up against perspiration.

Finally, we helped NNOXX with the contract manufacturing process. This included navigating the tradeoffs between off-shore, near-shore, and on-shore production, identifying and selecting the most appropriate manufacturing partner, and then assisting in the design handoff.


Ready, set go

With our ability to accelerate the device’s development, the NNOXX team was able to distribute functional prototypes to professional athletes and the military for user testing within 3 months of Synapse taking over the project.

We also performed parallel workstreams that enabled us to expedite the device’s development process from prototype to production. The first 10,000 devices are currently in production, targeted to ship this year.

“This is a game-changer in fitness wearables and in helping people improve their health and performance.”

Evan Peikon, Co-Founder and Chief Physiologist

A new way to monitor your exercise

NNOXX and Synapse are helping athletes achieve higher performance with the world’s first non-invasive wearable device that monitors nitric oxide levels. With a new and more accurate way to measure fitness, the NNOXX One device provides users with real-time data so they can see game-changing results.

The NNOXX One is currently available for purchase and includes two different subscription plans. One tailored for the elite athlete who is looking for a competitive edge and one for the regular consumer looking to make the most of their daily workout.