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By Synapse Product Development

The Only Bluetooth® Low Energy Debugging ToolKit with Cross-Platform Scripting



Discover Bluetooth LE devices and find your devices using BlueSee's scan filtration.


View basic information about a device out of box.


Use the Lua scripting API to customize the interface and interactions for services of a device.

The perfect Bluetooth Low Energy Debugging Toolkit for developers.

Details and Resources

BlueSee is a tool that decouples firmware testing and application development for both professional and hobbyist IoT and peripheral developers, by providing a scriptable interface to interact with Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) devices. Firmware and application engineers have been using their own ‘suite’ of tools for some time, but BlueSee offers more utility than existing tools.

Using BlueSee, you can view, filter, connect to, and interact with any discoverable Bluetooth LE devices in your area. Once you connect, BlueSee’s scripting interface takes over, providing easy access to any recognized services. These scripts are universal, running BlueSee on any platform it supports; the same script you use on your MacBook® will work on your iPhone®. And even out of the box, BlueSee provides scripts for several common Bluetooth LE services, as well as access to generic unknown services. From testing custom protocol response to performing the simplest service or characteristic action, BlueSee is fully capable of aiding the development process from start to finish.

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