We recently received some amazing news… and we had to share it with you! The SXSW Conference team has reached out to Synapse to let us know that our proposal to present a ‘Sneak Peek: Designing Tracked Objects for Steam VR’ Workshop was accepted! This year over 4,000 proposals were submitted and we are thrilled to be among the 750 sessions that were chosen. The Synapse team cannot wait to share our knowledge on Valve Steam VR tracked objects with SXSW attendees in Austin.

A couple of months ago we reached out to our Synapse network and asked for them to vote for us on the SXSW Panelpicker site. We were blown away by the support of Synapsters, friends, families, and even our amazing clients! We want to extend a special thank you to everyone that voted in the SXSW Panelpicker, watched our proposal video, shared the posts and left supportive comments.

Will we see you there? The conference runs from March 10th to the 19th. In most session formats, attendance is first come first serve, but with workshop attendees must RSVP in advance. We have a  hunch that the Convergence Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Track will be heavily attended! As the conference approaches, we will keep everyone updated with dates, times and RSVP information.

You can learn more about our SXSW workshop on our event page.

We hope to see you at SXSW 2017!