Seattle product development company Synapse has some new leadership at the helm as its founders, Scott Bright and Ross Collins, move into new roles in the company’s newly formed board of directors.

Clayton Wood, the company’s former COO, will now be the company’s president and CEO and Synapse will also debut a technology-centric department within the company.

Wood said Wednesday that’s he’s “super stoked” to take the reins of the 200-person company, which has offices in Seattle, San Francisco and Hong Kong.

“We’re getting Synapse ready for scaling up and really organizing the way we do the work,” Wood said.

His experience at several Oregon startups and 12 years at Honeywell, he said, helped prepare him to take a growing company into the future.

Synapse doubled in size in 2011 and doubled again in 2012. Wood said the 10-year-old company continues to grow, adding engineers and other technology workers as it expands.

“Our core is engineering and applying new technology to lead our clients,” Wood said. “In such a fast-paced world, we need a focus on new and emerging technology.”

For instance, the company is working on new Bluetooth technology that uses less energy than the traditional Bluetooth and is helping clients build that new technology into their products.

He said one of the company’s challenges is to find qualified workers to step into its engineering roles, but that Synapse’s in-house recruiters have been successful in targeting new hires from some of the country’s best universities.

“We’ve got some pretty young engineers making major contributions,” he said.

Emily Parkhurst covers the technology industry for the Puget Sound Business Journal/TechFlash.