Synapse and Guardian Fall Protection project “The Premium Edge” safety harness featured in Businessweek as one of the best designed items of 2007.

The Premium Edge is a safety harness and tool-belt system for construction workers operating in high-altitude environments. Because work harnesses are typically worn all day, comfort was second only to safety with such features as padding along the shoulder and leg straps, placement of the main abdominal buckle away from the stomach and on-the-fly adjustments to alter the weight distribution between the hips and shoulders. Quick-connect buckles and the overall rigidity of the harness makes putting it on and taking it off much easier. The integrated tool belt keeps tools close at hand but it can also be quickly released after a fall. And for all of today’s requisite gadgets, notch holes along the chest straps conveniently stow cell phones, pens and walkie-talkies. All these features, combined with a bold aesthetic, provide a subtle incentive to ensure workers keep safety first and don’t forget their harness.