How did you first learn about Synapse?

I found Synapse online. I was looking for product development companies when I came across the Synapse website and it looked like a great place to work. Later I learned that a lot of Olin College alumni worked here.

When I asked about extending my internship, they offered me a full time position. I learned a lot in my internship and I felt lucky that they were hiring for entry level engineers at the right time.


Where would we likely find you on the weekend?

I’m usually playing soccer (outside midfield), rock climbing or drinking a lot of coffee.


What were you like in high school?

I’m from Moscow, Idaho. In high school I was pretty studious and academic, but I played soccer and was in a bunch of clubs too.

I’ve always liked taking things apart and putting things back together. I liked the idea of designing things, especially things that helped people.


Tell us one interesting thing about you that we don’t know already.

I studied abroad in Costa Rica. The program was focused on social and environment change, so we studied in different parts of the country- the coast, the rainforest, the cloud forest. We took one class at a time, and my favorite class was in the cloud forest, learning about the cloud forest’s ecology including plant and animal life. At one point we got surrounded by a troop of monkeys, which was very cool.


What’s the most important thing you’ve learned at Synapse so far?

I’ve learned to try things early and fail early. Whether it’s a prototype or a design review, the earlier that you can test something, the more successful you’ll be.

My favorite project was in my first 6 months at Synapse, when I was working on a fast-paced proof of concept project. There were tough waterproofing requirements in a small form factor and I learned a LOT about how to waterproof something.


What’s been your favorite Synapse event?

Last year the ME team went with other Synapsters to Smash Putt. It’s kind of a mashup between an interactive art exhibit and mini golf – complete with golf ball cannons and power tools. It was a really fun, crazy atmosphere. The Mechanical Engineers try to host regular events with other groups at Synapse to foster the fun community we have at Synapse.