This week on the GeekWire radio show, we wrap ourselves in the world of wearable computing, talking about the current state of the art and where we’re headed from here.

Our guest in the studio is Skooks Pong, senior vice president of technology at Synapse, a product development and engineering firm in Seattle that has worked on wearable computing projects including the Nike FuelBand.

We also talk about the rumored Apple iWatch, and the privacy implications of having all these sensors in our lives, as highlighted recently by the 5 Point bar’s decision to ban Google Glasses even before they’re widely available to the public.

See this recent post by Pong on the topic of wearable computing. He writes, “The hardware resurgence, combined with an unprecedented interest in quantified self data, makes the market ripe for wearables. We now have the hardware and software technology to produce high-quality wearables that present our data in a convenient, easily digestible format, and this technology will continue to advance.”

For more background on wearable computing, see this recent post by our colleague Taylor Soper, featuring Artefact wearable technology designer Jennifer Darmour.

The wearable computing conversation starts in the second segment, at the 8:00 mark in the audio player above. We kick off the show with our weekly news roundup, including a discussion of Google’s expansion in the Seattle region, the discontinuation of Google Reader, and the debut of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its advanced eye-tracking features.