Synapse Product Development has partnered with award wining biometric company Lumidigm to develop custom individual identification and park entry systems for one of the world’s largest and busiest theme parks.

Lumidigm develops and commercializes personal biometric identification products and services that offer customers performance, security and convenience — without compromise. Lumidigm’s fingerprint sensors are based on a novel, well-patented multi-imaging technology that has revolutionized the biometrics industry by addressing common real-world problems head-on.

The engineering and design capabilities of Synapse allow Lumidigm to provide complete, custom solutions for customers who need identity management as part of a larger system that may enhance user experience, ensure participant safety, or save the customer money.

A Lumidigm solution is available for any application in which speed, security, and reliability are paramount, including mission-critical and challenging markets such as theme parks, healthcare, banking, transportation.