Asthmapolis has entered into a collaboration agreement with Synapse to develop new sensor technology for asthma treatment.

The sensor is designed to attach to existing inhalers to communicate with the patient’s mobile phone or base station to transmit usage data including time and location, providing valuable information on possible environmental asthma triggers such as air quality and pollen outbreaks.

Asthmapolis said its sensor is being used by 500 residents of Louisville, Kentucky, US, in a study to compile data that will help determine trends at the public health level and allow physicians to remotely monitor their patients’ level of asthma control.

In addition to addressing mechanical concerns such as accidental activation and design for production, Synapse enhanced the device aesthetics and ergonomics.

Asthmapolis co-founder and CEO David Van Sickle said the company’s mission is to make it easier for patients and physicians to do a better job managing their asthma every day.

“The team at Synapse recommended several design changes that have improved the performance of the sensor and helped ensure it can keep up with the day-to-day life of an inhaler,” Sickle added.

“So far, the response from the participants in Louisville has been positive.”


By MDBR Staff Writer

Medical Devices Business Review