The mobilepayment industry just continues to heat up and that means more and more companies are trying to find their way in the door. That also means that companies are trying to find brand new ways to stick out from the crowd. With that in mind, the company known as HubWorks has come up with new software that is geared towards the iPad that is supposed to enhance the customer experience. This new approach allows diners to place their orders and pay from their table using an iPad. These iPads are mounted to the table so that customers can’t walk away with them, but they allow the diners to control their experience a little more, instead of being at the mercy of a perhaps overworked waiter who is taking a bit too long to get to their tables.

Hubworks partnered with Synapse to develop the Hubworks iPad Case that allows the mounting to the tables and solved two problems with one solution. The iPads are now more durable and customers who want to can pay remotely whenever they feel like paying and leaving.

“Synapse designed and developed a custom enclosure for the iPad, magnetic card reader and back-up battery,” saysCraig Hummel, Business Development Manager for Synapse. “By fully integrating with restaurant point-of-sale (POS) systems, HubWorks offers customers secure payment peace-of-mind and an interface that’s intuitive and easy-to-use.”

Hubworks CEO Rob Berger said his company was looking for a way to have a table top interface that was new and fun and also very engaging. Berger added that, “by handing over the design of the case to Synapse, HubWorks was able to focus on our core competence, which was ensuring that we developed a breakthrough solution for efficient table service that restaurant patrons enjoyed using.”

This particular program is a first of its kind as far as making a digital payment device that is supposed to operate specifically on an Apple device and also integrates with restaurant point-of-sale (POS) systems. Hubworks feels as though their approach offsets the number of restaurants that still don’t allow payment through near field communications.

By: Oliver VanDervoort

Mobile Commerce Insider